A Spider Funeral.

  “We need heart to heart resuscitation.”

Ram Dass

 What are you reading, today? After finishing The Diddakoi by Rumer Godden, I’m now reading another novel of hers, An Episode of Sparrows.

If she were still alive, I’d send her a fan letter and thank her for her wonderful mind.

Much like oxygen, food and water are necessary to survival, so are words and thoughts and books. I believe books can change people, and therefore, the world. Also, sometimes that better world we wish for can be found inside the minds of our favorite writers, and that’s something. It isn’t everything, but it’s a lot.

Really, aren’t we all writers, now? Especially with the advent of email, instant messages and text messaging, we live on a planet of writers. We all get a taste of creativity each time we peck out the letters and hit “send”.

Maybe even, sometimes, things happen to us for the sole purpose of being written down. For instance, waking up on top of a large spider, now a spider-pancake, with two dismembered legs stuck to your own leg. (It was a spider minding its own business, most likely, having burrowed under the covers while I was out flaking horses or getting the mail, on a quest for warmth in the frosty, air-conditioned bedroom.)

Or, how about the panty-liner flying out the front door, (you know that’s not what those wings are for), getting mixed-up with a pre-monsoon wind only to end its journey stuck to the leg of the UPS man?

Let me backtrack: some people say terriers are difficult to housetrain; for mine, that’s true. I found these nifty potty pants (or, “big-boy pants” as we tell the dogs) which they sleep in at night. For ongoing potty-training and a clean house, this product is a godsend. Called “Simple Solution”, they wrap around the offending part and stay snugly in place thanks to a velcro closure.

Inside, you fit an absorbent pad to circumvent any accidents, but those pads are a lot less expensive if you buy women’s generic panty-liners, instead. And so goes the story of the flying panty-liner, the blushing UPS man and the quick explanation he most likely thought I’d made up like fiction, on the spot.

I’ll save the story of the relocation of seven desert toads for next time. In the meantime, this site is only two days old, spanking new and full of promise. With all there is in the world to demand our time and attention, you’re here, reading? Thank you. I’ll keep you here in spirit, too, at the spider funeral at sundown. Who knew a silver-blue earring box could make such a fitting coffin?

6 Responses

  1. Never underestimate the power of a panty liner! Along with vet wrap, they can can bandage many an equine leg or canine foot, as well as many human injuries, too (such a a husband who accidentally chainsaws his leg). And half a disposable diaper (newborn size) and duct tape can bandage a hoof quite nicely.

    Don’t ask me how I know this.

  2. I’d have to say you know it because you’re a smarty. : )

    I never thought of using a diaper, but it makes total sense! I’ll remember that for both my horses and dogs.

    As for duct tape, yes, it works amazingly well. My first horse was an Arab that came to us foundered; our vet suggested duct tape for wrapping the hoof after soaking it in epsom salts and packing with Ichthammol. The duct tape provided a great protective barrier to keep out dirt and manure. We were quite surprised, also, that it holds up so well, even when a horse is walking on it.

    All-in-all, the innovations of horse people never cease to amaze me. It’s MacGyver-esque.

    Emily Murdoch

  3. The half-diaper holds the Ichthamol against the hoof quite nicely. I went that route a few years ago with a hoof abscess. Plus the sticky tabs of the diaper hold it around the hoof and thus keep the hoof clean while you’re untangling the duct tape. . . .

  4. Hey Becky!

    Exactly — my foundered Arab (we had to put him down due to colic last July 25th) was working out an abscess after a bout of founder. I wish I had known about the diaper, then!

    Very interesting (and comforting to me) in that great way the universe has, how topics are popping up in my life that make me think of him.

    Thank you, for that. : )


  5. I really like the vignetter of the flying panty liner and the UPS man. It’s the kind of thing you do so well.

  6. Thank you! : )

    Truth be told, I was as embarrassed as he was, lol!

    Don’t you just love life? I got a big laugh from it, afterwards.


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