Help Save The Mustangs!


As some of you know, besides my writing, my other passion is doing what I can to help save horses from slaughter, both domesticated and wild. Presently, a herd of wild mustangs needs our help. 

You can find information at the petition site:

Something as easy and as important as your signature can stop the death of these Mustangs, who were featured on a PBS special you might have seen: Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies.

These horses need human champions. You can be a hero, today.   

The Bureau of Land Management, which is a government agency managing wild mustang herds, is expecting a petition with 5,000 signatures. Presently, the mark has been reached, but the more people who know, and the more signatures received help not only this famous herd, but all the wild horses under threat of being culled. 

Please take a moment and sign the petition. These mustangs are part of our American heritage and deserve to be protected.  

Please go to the website:

And, for details about this issue:

Knowledge is power. Pass it on.

 (Editor’s Note: As news on these horses becomes available, I’ll post an update. Thank you for helping the horses. You’re a hero for lending your voice, and the world can always use more heroes. So can the horses.)


4 Responses

  1. Petition duly signed, here’s to saving cloud and his herd 🙂

  2. Thank you thank you thank you! : )

    It means a lot to me, and more importantly, to the horses.

    People are more apt to do what they shouldn’t be doing, when no one is watching.


  3. Will check this out and sign! Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

  4. Thanks for signing, Steph!

    It’s looking better for these horses — I’ll post an update on the blog as soon as I hear.

    I’m thrilled to reach people outside the horse community, too.

    The petition is very cool — I spent half the afternoon reading all the comments, coming from everywhere! Sarah, who commented above, is helping Cloud and his herd all the way from Scotland! Very cool. : )


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