Tonight’s Sunset.

Photo by Emily Murdoch 




If I printed out on paper all the sunset photographs I’ve taken over the years, I’d have a thick (and lovely) stack of photographs.

During the Sonoran Desert’s Monsoon Season, which runs from June to September, these cloudy days produce sunsets that take your breath away. On rainy days, rainbows, most often double rainbows, stretch over our house and disappear with their pots of gold behind gorgeous mountains that turn red at dusk.


Photo by Emily Murdoch




I make it a point, no matter what I’m doing, to put my work aside and watch the sunset every evening. Living in rural Arizona, I often have front row seats to meteor showers, night skies dripping with stars, twinkling planets visible with the naked eye and the Milky Way stretched like a banner from horizon to horizon.

I always feel as if I should be paying ticket money for all this beauty, but to whom?


4 Responses

  1. God! 🙂

    I’m envious of where you live. It’s truly beautiful, and sounds so very lovely.

  2. It really is beautiful. I can’t imagine living in the suburbs. Also out here, land is affordable.

    You do give up some, to get some, though. Going into town is a trip, you have at least three super-itchy ant bites on your person at any given time, not to mention the rattlers and scorpions. : )

    And, no food delivery. No pizza, no nothing. I do miss that.


  3. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photographs!

  4. Hello, Ladygrace!

    You are very welcome. : )


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