From Sunrise To Sunset.

In Arizona, both sunrise and sunset, monsoon storm and blue sky (and everything in-between) is just one big photo opportunity. Below is some beauty to usher in your weekend.


Sunrise in the desert


Severe Thunderstorm (8-28-08)





 I feel a bit like a photographic fraud, as even a monkey could take wonderful photos when nature is strutting her stuff so brilliantly.


8 Responses

  1. There aren’t words to describe how breathtaking these photos are…..

  2. Wow. Beautiful! How could one not be inspired in a setting like that!!

  3. WOW. Those photos are amazing.

  4. Thanks, everybody! : )

    I have more photos to post tonight — we had an amazing rainbow over the house yesterday, and for a time, a double rainbow. Just beautiful. : )


  5. A monkey doesn’t know where to put the horizon in the frame. You (and John Ford) do.

  6. brings back lovely memories — I was born in AZ but raised elsewhere, so the family vacations “back home” over the years have yielded similar images, though none caught on camera. Thanks for sharing such beauty.

  7. LOL! Thanks, H! : )

    First thing I thought was, who’s John Ford? I’ll have to look him up tonight after my ranch chores are done.


  8. Thank you, Alex, and thanks for visiting and commenting. : )

    Your comment was originally filtered into my spam folder, so I’m glad I caught it in time.

    My situation is the opposite — I was raised on the East Coast and moved to Arizona ten years ago. I came out on a business trip and fell in love with *everything*.

    I just love it here, and love the desert. It’s so full of life.

    I have more photos going up tonight.

    And I just want to say again that I love your blog. Anyone reading this, you can check out Alex’s blog at:

    Em : )

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