All The Pretty Rescue Horses.

Hush a bye, don’t you cry

Go to sleep my little baby,

In your dreams, you will ride

All the pretty rescue horses,

Dapples and grays, sorrels and bays

All the pretty rescue horses. 

Faithful and brave, free as rain,

All the pretty rescue horses.

These horses were saved from slaughter.

(photos by Emily Murdoch)

As some of you know, I’m an advocate for slaughter horses. I use my writing to bring attention to the inhumane practice of horse slaughter, with the goal of ending the transport of America’s horses to slaughterhouses in Canada and Mexico. 

The fact is, Americans don’t eat their pets. Pets are family, not food. Horses are pets, companion animals, and deserve a dignified ending no different than our dogs and cats. If Americans don’t eat their horses, foreigners shouldn’t be eating America’s horses, either. 

I hope if you or your family are considering buying a horse, you might consider adopting a horse, instead. In doing so, you not only give a deserving equine a home, but avoid adding to the problem of equine overbreeding. You can help to change the world for horses by offering a space in your barn and your heart for one or several horses in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Speaking of horses, have you read my Blog entry, Your Voice For The Wild Mustangs.? Presently, the Bureau of Land Management, (BLM), a government agency, has mismanaged its budget and wants to kill off some or all of the 30,000 wild horses in BLM captivity.

I don’t know about you, but for me, the massacre of thousands of wild horses in order to balance the BLM budget is both ludicrous and out of the question.  

The post link above provides more information and will take you to a petition you can sign to help save the horses. You can make the world a better place, today, without even getting out of your chair.

Please sign it today, and pass it on to three friends through the “pass it on” function. The original goal was 30,000 signatures, a mark which has since been reached. New goal: 50,000 signatures.

There would be no America without the horse. We care about the horses!   

To read an update on this petition, along with an update on the fate of the BLM horses, please go to:  Saving The World, One Horse At A Time. and scroll to the bottom of the page. (The Care2 update won’t fit into my wordpress theme’s column width.)

Whether they’re domestic horses on feedlots or wild horses rounded up and sent to slaughter, we need to do better by America’s horses. They’ve done better by us than we could ever repay. 

This country was born on the back of a horse. It’s time to show our gratitude.

5 Responses

  1. I have 5 horses myself, 3 of which were rescues. And, I have two mustangs from Wyoming. Yes. It is AWFUL what the BLM (Bureau of Lame Minds)…has planned for OUR mustangs!

  2. Welcome, Cheryl Ann! Thank you so much for visiting and especially for commenting. I love visitors and comments!

    I can’t wait to go check out your blog tonight, after my evening feed and mucking are done! : ) I love how no matter where you are, online or off, there’s that kinship of horse people everywhere.

    Yes, it’s awful and ridiculous that the lives of the BLM mustangs are at stake. I wasn’t at all a political person, (not until the horses), but the proposed euthanasia and slaughter of the wild mustangs — for whatever reason — none of which are just — is preposterous.

    Yes, they are OUR mustangs! And our children’s, and great grandchildren’s, and this beautiful country’s. And they’re irreplaceable. It breaks my heart that they’re in jeopardy.


  3. Emily, I have nominated you for the I LOVE YOUR BLOG award! Please visit my website to accept the award. You will need to post my website link on your site (to thank me), then download a pic of the award, link it back to me, then YOU nominate 5 others. Email me if you have questions! Thank you for your hard work with horses, both domestic, and mustangs! Keep it up!
    Cheryl Ann

  4. Hooray! and as you already know, I am so touched and excited to get this award! : )

    I was floored when I checked my comments and saw your comment above. I was walking on sunshine all day yesterday, and today it continues. : ) I’m just thrilled! I’m also thrilled to be able to pass on “the thrill” to five other people. I love that! : )

    Thank YOU for all YOU do for horses, Cheryl Ann.

    By driving more traffic to this post, perhaps more readers will take a second to sign the petition to save the BLM horses. Thank you so much for that, too.

    I found this so strangely coincidental because I’d just been overhauling this post, rewriting it so I could put up a version of it on my .com site, and then to see it pop up with an award gave me shivvers, at first! : )

    Em : ) who is sending carrot kisses and apple hugs for your beautiful horses. And I can’t wait to link to your blog and send readers over there. Your site is amazing.

  5. […] I’m excited to announce that Lefty In My Write Mind has won the I Love Your Blog Award for horse rescue work and the anti-slaughter advocacy in my post: Click here: All The Pretty Rescue Horses. […]

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