Dogs In The Moonlight.

Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Dogs in the moonlight … except in the desert it can be dangerous. The wild animals come out at night — coyotes, bobcats, javelina, wild dogs — and the moonlight belongs to them.


My husband brings the rescue dogs outside each morning and safely locks them in their large kennels before he leaves for work. However, because Christmas has had knee issues, she’s become the temporary queen of the front porch, (which is fenced in), where she can’t play too hard or reinjure her knee.

When I woke up this morning and went outside, Christmas was gone.

For all of twenty minutes.

But what a long, long twenty minutes it was.

Christmas became so excited when the dumpster was being picked up that she undid the gate — a freak happening — because the gate is locked. Once she was loose, my best guess is that she took off after a rabbit or a butterfly.

Needless to say, a new lock was installed this afternoon so it can’t happen again, and I’m so grateful for a happy ending. After pulling a few pieces of jumping cholla off her legs, Chrissy was as good as new.

Sadly, dogs are lost all the time, and not all of them are found. I can’t imagine Chrissy being out there in the world and not knowing where she is, or if she’s okay, let alone having her lost in the desert at night.

If you’ve lost your dog, there are two great sites to aid you in your search: and Each site has tips on what to do when your pet is lost, an ability to register your dog proactively, along with a system of red alerts sent out to shelters, vets and even groomers in your area.    

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.

The first thought I had after a panting Christmas materialized in the driveway and my world righted itself again, was thank God for answered prayers. And so quickly, too!

Universe, I owe you one!

Click here: Dog Detective® – Lost Dogs & Found Dogs – the first and largest pet recovery network on the Internet

Click here: Fido Finder® – Where Lost Dogs Are Found

11 Responses

  1. Hey Em,

    So glad Christmas is home again!!

    I’ve been meaning to get back to your fiction post. I will soon. I have a lot on the go at the moment, but I really am interested in your new book!

    Just so you know.

  2. Hey Steph! : )

    No worries — life is busy!

    I am beyond grateful Christmas just took a jaunt — I don’t think she even left our land. But my heart almost pounded out of my chest when I went outside and she wasn’t there!

    I am so careful to start with, and it was just one of those things out of my control. She had collar and tags and microchip, which really is a comfort in case of emergency. My animals, all of them, are my life!

    Thanks for your compliments on the new book. Hooray!

    Different from the Bumblebee, TGND is more plotty, which is fun — the twists and turns!

    I’m hoping I’ll hit it with this new book, and then the Bumblebee will be a shoo-in, length and all, as a “second” novel.

    It’s just a slight reordering of dreams! : )

    I’m putting together a post on EditQuest. Just so you know! Help spread the word, and all. : )


  3. Aww, what a scare. So glad that Christmas is back home where she belongs. You know I love her name too right?

  4. Thanks, Kat! : ) I’m so glad disaster was averted!

    Christmas was born December 18th, so the name is fitting. : ) I took in Chrissy’s heavily pregnant mom (you probably know this already, lol) who’d been abandoned to the desert. I was just so happy all the puppies made it, and ended up healthy.


  5. Em,

    Awww…what a cutie! So glad he is alright.

  6. Thank you, Tasha!

    I am more grateful than words can express. It took me the whole day to feel normal, again, after the scare, lol.

    Before this dog rescue of mine, I’ve never had big dogs — only little terriers. These big dogs can be real Houdinis, sometimes.

    I learn something new everyday! : )

    Hooray for another writing weekend! I hope yours is genius. I should be able to get some writing done too this weekend, although we’re still doing the garage.

    I’m hoping to find the manuscript I wrote when I was twelve. I know it’s in there somewhere!

    Em : )

  7. Oh Em,

    I can totally understand. I still miss my childhood dog. He was the most special dog ever. A Lab/Dalmation. (sniffles)

    Again- thank goodness for the happy ending!

    And yes- another writing weekend is upon us! Good luck finding your old manuscript.

    May the Writing Muse shine on you (hmm..I think I stole that line from someone)

    – Tasha (proud honorary member of the Leftywriter Club) 🙂

  8. Hey Tasha! : )

    Still haven’t found the manuscript, but it’s in there somewhere.

    Hope you had a good writing day! I got some writing done, too, in between the garage and my other work. Hooray!

    Em : )

  9. Oh — and Tasha — I know what you mean about dogs of old. I lost my 16 year old terrier, my 16 yr old cat and my 21 yr old horse summer of ’07.

    I miss them all like crazy, including all the dogs of childhood, too. I wish they lived longer than their present lifespans, and I do hope to see them again one day — I’m looking forward to it. It’s definitely my definition of heaven. : )


  10. Oh Em,

    To lose three loved ones in one year! 😦

    I do believe you’ll see them again. That’s also my definition of heaven. 🙂

  11. It was so hard it defies words, losing my three “old guys” — Cat on June 9th, Dog on June 13th, Horse on July 25th.

    It’s why I remain grateful that this summer has been a lively but quiet one.


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