The Little Things.

Elizardbeth (one of the resident “little things”.)

One of the things I love about being a writer is the intensity that comes with the writing mind. Always ticking, turning, whirring, we deconstruct life in order to recreate life in our work. You could say we study life itself, and then report back to the page. We tell the things we need to tell, most likely always aware of a need to tell, to capture, to record, bending time and space to create our new worlds of words.

I find this writing and creative life, on the flip side, also requires a lot of alone time, time thinking and reflecting, daydreaming, even. That’s when the little things really come into focus, the small details that add joy and texture to our days (and our writing), along with the people, places and things that make life sweet and worthwhile.

It’s especially why I love the weekends. The weekends are all about the little things — not so much writing, unless inspiration strikes, but the little moments in life, in my life, that happen off the page.

Like how, last weekend, when I began the usual afternoon ritual of hoof-picking Cloud, he unexpectedly lifted his foot for me and held it in the air. He then proceeded to do the same with the remaining three.

Coming from Cloud, a slaughter-bound horse who came to the ranch underweight, grumpy, and distrustful after so many broken bonds, I was floored.

I can’t quite put the feeling into words; I’ve been trying all morning, yet I come up woefully short. It’s the feeling of a wary, distrustful animal handing over its heart for safekeeping. You almost expect to hear a sigh of relief follow, as the horse’s muscles visibly relax. After almost a year of patient reassurances, good old Cloudy was finally home.

I get a lot of dog play-time in on weekends, which means I’ll do a lot of laughing. On weekend mornings, the sun is peach-colored and slow to rise, and often a cool breeze blows through the desert like an apology for summer.

The songbirds are beginning to arrive in flocks from places grown colder, singing into the evening. Also, the butterflies are back, as they are every year, and I stand still next to where they land, willing them to land on me. Supposedly, when you’re still enough inside, they will.

Saturday and Sunday mornings are the only days I don’t need to jump out of bed immediately, hurrying off to feed hungry horses and dogs, each a hair-covered alarm clock set for early breakfast. Therefore, my favorite part of the weekend has to be the carefree, lazy mornings sipping coffee in bed and reading blogs in my pajamas.

I hope your weekend is filled with all the little things that make you laugh and smile. Sometimes it can be hard to shift gears after whirring through the work week, and other times things are tough in so many ways that it’s hard to let go and enjoy the moment. Yet when we don’t, especially during the tough times, we end up feeling worse.

So, slow down. Do something fun. Laugh hard, and make it a weekend to remember. 


Cloud and Mr. Bean

(Two horses saved from slaughter.)

Photos by Emily Murdoch

6 Responses

  1. What an awesome post! Reading you always makes me feel pretty happy. You seem to have a beautiful and blessed life, Em, and I love hearing your enjoyment of it. Thank you for saving all the animals you have, and for taking care of them and giving them love. You’re a really wonderful person.

  2. Awwww, Steph, thank you. I don’t know what to say to such a wonderful comment. : )

    Life has never been easy, charmed or lucky for me, but I’ve always vowed to make the best of whatever comes my way. It’s not always easy, but I try hard.

    As for the animals, they do just as much for me — every morning I wake up to great meaning in my life, because of them.


  3. Morning Em,

    Beautiful, beautiful post. I really believe people in general would be so much happier if they took the time to slow down. Enjoy the world around them.

    It’s been a good week for me. I’m 50 pages into my revision. I love those “50” numbers. Like jumping over a hurdle. 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear more of your latest WIP.

    And I am so happy that Cloud has come to trust you after what he suffered in his past. It shows what a good heart can do!

    take care,

  4. {{{{{{{{ Tasha }}}}}}}} Just an overwhelming urge to give you a hug. : )

    Having been sick for most of my life, it changed my outlook on life (and therein lies the blessing, at the same time).
    You get a right-in-your-face, completely different view of life, once you have that second chance.

    Anyway. : )

    50 pages into your revision, that’s great! Hooray! That in itself is a reason for a hug. I know how much hard, hard work goes into it. I’m psyched for the moment when you comment here, in the future, that it’s finished. : )

    I have five more pages of my WIP to post. I actually got fifteen pages into it, and then I lost my momentum with the land clearing, shelter building, garage cleaning, dumpster loading and then, the “spring cleaning” going on over here, and still in progress.

    : P

    Okay, I have to admit that I let some things slide when I was feverishly working on Bumblebee. I’m trying to impose order on this house, and I hope to have it nice and cozy here, for the holidays.

    As for Cloud — good old Cloud. : ) He’s blossoming as they all do, with love and good care. So simple, really. : ) And it’s always amazing watching that change take place over time.

    It’s just the best feeling, to see them out there munching hay and peaceful.

    Em : )

  5. Hugs to ya right back. 🙂

    Thanks! I’m pretty happy at the moment. I’ve kept up my 10p/day pledge thus far this week.

    Ack! Sorry you lost your momentum right when you seemed to be really getting into it. Find a spot in that beautiful land of yours and I am sure the inspiration will come back. Lots of luck! 🙂

    talk to ya later,

  6. Hey Tasha. : )

    I don’t mind losing momentum. : ) I’ve been lost in writing the last three years, and I don’t mind the breaks when they come. It’s so busy here off the page, but good busy.

    It’s rabies time for the rescue dogs, as we take them to the vet two by two. We also have spaying going on, and I have been a dog nursemaid since last week, with two more to be spayed two weeks from now. Whew.

    Maybe I should just say, “Meanwhile, back at the ranch …”

    : )

    I haven’t had time for poems in a bit, but they’re back again, so I run with it. I love the poetry. It’s easy to run to the computer and jot the lines down in between cleaning this or that or keeping healing dogs still (close to impossible!)

    10 pages a day! That’s an impressive pledge, too. Hooray for you! That’s wonderful.

    Now you have me itching to get back to my WIP.

    Em : )

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