An Ordinary Prayer.


give me a boring life, I pray

with steady suns and occasional rains

straightened out, life’s twists and turns

hum-drum days and worlds of words

egg drop soup and Harry Potter

desert breezes and grass for horses.

let me be bored, grumble and complain

visit upon me that luxury,

with pots unstirred and nothing out of the ordinary

a few barking dogs barking at eternity

and the morning star always on time.



(Poem and photos by Emily Murdoch)


9 Responses

  1. I wouldn’t mind boring once in awhile 🙂 It takes the stress out of life!! Love it….


  2. Ironic, isn’t it? : )


  3. Beautiful, Em! Did you write that?

    I think of you often. Probably every day. I envy you your life, for lack of a better way to put it right now, specifically your rescue farm, and want to email you about it some day soon.

  4. Thank you, Steph. : ) Yup, I wrote that poem this past weekend. I’m in a poem mood lately, which doesn’t help my WIP one bit, lol!

    Thank you for your kind words, you are too sweet. : ) I’m not really blessed in material ways, but maybe I’m blessed in my outlook on life. The animals are a ton of work, but I like hard work. : ) They do make me feel happy.

    I wanted to email you, too. I plan to catch up on my emails today across the board, so look for me in your inbox!


  5. Well, it’s an awesome poem. I love the tone and wording.

    We live very simply too, but our home and Lucy give us the greatest joy. Both of us are huge animal lovers. When I did an exercise about following your heartache to find out your life’s purpose, the result was that animal abuse and slaughter was my greatest heartache, though there were close seconds, like people in debt and poverty, which meant my life’s purpose was to try and remedy that. This gave me the idea to have a huge plot of land for an animal sanctuary along with kennels and boarding facilities. We have visited shelters and kennels before and have been saddened by their state of disrepair and even their treatment of the strays and abandoned animals. Our humane society here is such a dump it makes me cry every time I go. My goal is to one day be able to pay to fix it up.

    You and I have lots in common. I have a huge feeling I was meant to meet you, Em.

  6. And you are so right. Your outlook always leaves me amazed.

  7. A curtsey for you, Steph. : ) I’m glad you liked my poem.

    I’m glad our lives collided, too. I believe things happen for a reason.

    We have the same animal dreams, too. : )

    I too have seen kennels in bad shape, and it’s just another form of cruelty. Saddest to me, are horse slaughter, puppy mills and animal hoarders.

    The rule to live by, is to not take in more than you can care for — expenses really do add up. And the biggest part of all of it is the work — the chores — the clean up, grooming, washing, feeding, etc. And every day, even weekends and holidays.

    I bet you’d make a great rescue person. It’s easy when you love animals.


  8. Wonderful poem, Em, and the earlier blog on weekends. One does wish for a little boredom doesn’t one. My 24/7 care of my cared for one, is unremitting. Always on the mind. Beautiful photos too.

  9. Thank you, H.

    There you are. I was wondering where you went. : ) Did you see who else is here, too? Kathy. : )

    Yup, one does wish for boredom from time to time. This one does, for sure.

    On Saturday night I did nothing but watch movies, hogging the whole couch and watching my favorite Harry Potter movie, the first movie, and eating egg drop soup. It was heaven.

    That’s my kind of boring, watching movies or reading books for hours on end with nothing pressing on the mind. So give me boring anytime. : )


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