The Cover Girls Of Smart Pak Equine.

009.jpg picture by DogOnAHorse

Dear Smart Pak Equine,

I’m writing to thank you for using normal-weight, healthy-looking (therefore, beautiful!) women on the cover of your Smart Pak catalogue.

As a woman in recovery from a life-threatening eating disorder, I know I speak for many women when I say that we’re tired of being fed unnatural, stick-thin images of women.

Horses and everything about them are fun and joyous. The two women on your cover personify exactly that. Not only will I include your link on my blogs, but I plan to use your company for all my horse needs.


Emily Murdoch

4 Responses

  1. Em,

    Egads! I never knew “Ana Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” was your blog!

    I just took a peak. It’s so graceful and touching.

    Can’t wait to read the novel excerpt you posted over there.

    Happy Halloween to you!

  2. Hey Em,

    I checked out your other site. What an excellent idea!! I hope you are able to help many through it. I hope they find you and you can start rescuing people, too! 🙂

  3. Hey Tasha! : )

    I kept the other site under wraps for a bit, to build it up with posts to read and such, before unveiling it.

    Thank you for the compliments! It is definitely a labor of love. Now I have that blog to help others, and this blog for my own enjoyment. I’d say it’s a pretty good balance.

    Happy Halloween to you, too! Not much going on around here Halloween-wise, except for scary movies. : )

    But, my husband and one of his employees are presently on their way to a children’s hospital with a HUGE sack of candy bars for the 32 children there and the nurses and doctors.

    He had me tearing up, telling me about his idea on the phone.

    Em : )

  4. Hey Steph!

    Thank you! I know you know the juggling act of more than one blog/site, lol. : )

    I do hope the site imparts hope to people still stuck in eating disorder hell. I know for me, when I was sick, it really helped to have the thoughts and input of those in recovery.

    The biggest message of all, and maybe the most important, is that a better life IS possible. Sometimes when you’re sick, that tiny glimmer of hope is all you have.

    Happy Halloween! : )


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