National Novel Writing Month! (NaNoWriMo)


Don’t you just love the way NaNoWriMo flows off the tongue? Just the word itself is exciting.

Click here: National Novel Writing Month

Taking the advice of veteran NaNoWriMo participants, I’ve filled the dogs’ bowls with enough kibbles to last a month (wink), moved a whole tower of hay into the corral for the horses, (I think they even smiled at me, drooling), sat my blogs down and explained why their posts may be shorter, (it’s only for a month, my dears), said goodbye to my uneasy husband and gave him a kiss and a squeeze.

Wiping down my computer keyboard in a kind of baptism for the event, I cleared a space at the kitchen counter, a perfect NaNoWriMo place because I can continue to nurse spayed rescue dogs and stay close to the coffee pot.

Let’s go!

I’m all ready to begin the exciting, crazy, too cool NaNoWriMo journey, further energized by the thought of thousands of other writers pounding and scribbling away in other states and far off places — who knows, maybe there’s even a closet NaNo writer down the street or next door!

Did you know there’s a whole list of PUBLISHED novels that were conceived through NaNoWriMo? Even a New York Times Bestseller!

Click here: FAQ | National Novel Writing Month

This is my first NaNoWriMo. How could I have not known about this? 50,000 words for a 175 page novel written in 30 days, in pre-holiday November, and in consolation for having outgrown Halloween.

Don’t be surprised if you catch me dancing around the fire in a homemade headdress like a Ya Ya Priestess, only yelling NANO! NANO! 

I plan to have:

1) Fun fun FUN!

2) To send the inner-critic on vacation somewhere tropical with pink drinks

3) Not to edit until my 50,000 word goal is reached

4) To dazzle myself by doing something I wouldn’t necessarily believe was possible.

When I read the NaNo FAQ last night, I just knew I had to get in on it; my philosophy for writing parallels NaNo’s perfectly — don’t worry too much about specifics, just plunk your writerly butt down in the chair and be prepared to be amazed at what happens when you let the writing (magic) take over.

I’ve always found writing to happen just that way; once you start putting the words down on paper or screen, they multiply like naughty rabbits hopping off your fingertips. Where did that come from? When did I think that up? The best part is that it doesn’t matter — what matters is that you CAN — as soon as you sit down, let go, and get out of your own way.

My writing strategy will be 30 days divided into 50,000 words, averaging out to approximately 1700 words a day.

Wait a minute — are you reading this? What are you doing here, reading this? You better get back to your NaNoWriMo masterpiece! But first, get out your favorite mug, because Starbuck’s columbian whole-bean is a waterfall in my kitchen!

Before I get back to my own words-in-progress, let me leave you with a NaNoWriMo blessing:

May the ideas flood you in a glorious stream, delighting and comforting you in their abundance.

May NaNoWriMo be another way that you’re just too cool of a writer.

May the words be perfect even in their imperfection, bringing forth a viable first draft.

May you dazzle, delight, and amaze yourself most of all.

 Happy NaNoWriMo! Happy writing! Let the words begin!

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(Today’s word count? 1825 words. I’m on my way!)

Author’s Note: I’m going into NaNoWriMo with a 4,613 word short story that I planned to expand into a novel. Therefore, I’ll finish up NaNoWriMo with a word count of 54,613 to make it an official finish.

If you’re interested in reading the beginning of my NaNo novel, you can find it here:

Click here: The Girl Next Door, First Five Pages. 
To follow my word count over the next month, please check out the live NaNoWriMo badge at the bottom of my blog.

7 Responses

  1. What a fabulous blessing! I want it cross-stitched and hanging over my desk! I like your style and your priorities- i too am trying to keep FUN as the #1 priority, though I do find myself checking word-count more than I should. Do you think my Inner Editor could join your Inner Critic? At least someone will get a tropical vaca! 😉

  2. Emily,

    I absolutely *love* this post. Your joy and enthusiasm is so catching. In fact, I’ve come back to reread it a few times when I’ve become tired and need a little boost.

    The part about kissing your uneasy husband, goodbye, was too cute. I could imagine such a scene, too. “No. I swear, honey. I am not crazy! Thousands of people all around the world are writing 1667 words a day, too! Believe me. Really…Why are you looking at me like that?”

    My first 3 days of NaNo have been mostly exhilarating. I’ll be posting on my blog probably tomorrow about it.

    take care,

  3. Hey, I love the nanowrimo blessing! I am very much having fun so far – haven’t run into the inevitable plot impasse yet. Hope the words are flowing for you and your coffee supply does not run dry.

  4. After my horse and dog chores are done, I’ll be back to reply to these comments.



    Em : )

  5. Howdy JanFlora!

    Thank you for commenting! : )

    Definitely send your Inner Editor along — my Inner Critic loves a good party, and the more the merrier — Listen up, everyone! I have free tickets for all Inner People! : )

    I hope your writing went well, today.


  6. {{{{{{{{ Tasha }}}}}}}}

    Couldn’t get a kinder, nicer compliment. My inspiration is *your* inspiration, as fast as I can type it into words! : )

    Now I catch my husband saying NaNoWriMo (just like me) just to say it, because it sounds so cool, lol.

    He’s even checking up on my word counts!

    I’m just about to amble over to your blog, as I see from my blog surfer that you have a new post — A NaNo post!


    It’s cool to think you are where you are, and we’re both doing the same thing. : )

    I’m still loving it, too!


  7. Hello Uppington!

    I’m about to do my blog rounds, and see what you’re up to, too. : )

    I send the same wishes to you — I hope your writing is going wonderfully, and that you, too, are having fun!

    This is just too exciting to me — I can’t wait until we’re all talking afterward, new novels in hand!


    Em : )

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