Wishes On Jupiter.



when the old moon is cradled

in the young moon’s arms,

I wish upon two stars,

planets, technically,

Jupiter and Venus, twinkling merrily

and willing to consider


wishes for cures for cancer,

a world with clean drinking water,

feasts for hungry children,

an end to all the killing,

a wild mustang redemption,

a compassionate God ruling the Heavens


or, at the least, the belief in it all,

in the super-truths of hope and love,

in the goodness of humankind

being human and kind, and way down deep

beneath the flaws, shining with the light

of a thousand starry nights.




Click here: Look to Sky for Spectacular Sight Monday

(Poem and photos by Emily Murdoch)


7 Responses

  1. beautiful

  2. Afternoon to ya, Em. 🙂

    I join you in those wishes.

    And gawd! Those pics. I am forever envious.

  3. Hey Tasha.

    I’m sending waves back atcha from all over wordpress, winks. : )

    I love that house on the mountain. When I zoom in, somehow it ends up looking like its own little world.

    I wonder sometimes if they have binoculars (I would, if I lived on top of a mountain like that — the view must be breathtaking — I’d also love to look down and see our equines from up there) and if they do have binoculars, are they wondering why I take photos of their house or the surrounding area all the time, lol.

    But, that’s where the sun sets. And they get some great cloud patterns, too, or, like that evening, a clear pink sky.


  4. Thank you, Nigel!

    Imagine a curtsey, here. : )


  5. […] However, the biggest reward was when we drove home last night, we saw the moon, venus and jupiter in triple conjunction lighting the sky – not in the shape of the smiley face promised to those that live in the Southern Hemisphere, but a sad face.  On Monday night, we had walked the suburb to find a vantage point to see the smiley face, but the overcast sky obstructed our efforts. We had maintained a philosophical air to hide our disappointment – perhaps we will see it in 36 years time.  However, last night the sky was clear and there it was a magnificent sight and it reminded me of the poem that  leftywritey penned earlier this week. […]

  6. humen kind. yes. shame we are never what we calles ourselves. humen being? more like humen doing. running around with no direction.
    very nice

  7. Insert a curtsey here, Utopian. : ) Thank you.

    Definitely more like human doing. I myself live a slower life than most, but for me, the doing is rescue dogs and rescue horses. My philosophy is, if you’re going to “do”, make it something worthwhile –worth doing.


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