Heart-Shaped Rocks.

Love, the universe. 

People get all different things, but I get heart-shaped rocks.

I’ll be going about my day at the ranch, performing my horse and dog chores, happen to look down, and there they are, winking at me and stopping me in my tracks.  

It’s as if they’d been shaped and placed there just for me. 

If I went looking for heart-shaped rocks, I’d find nary a one — I’ve tried it. And yet, I have a whole bagful at this point. They often show up on days I could most use a sign of good will. 

They’re not heart-shaped by a wide stretch of the imagination, either, but clearly in the shape of a heart. They cause me to look up and smile, feeling like the child of a benevolent universe.

And they’ve started up again, the last few days, after I hadn’t thought about it in months.

People get hummingbirds, butterflies, pennies, the lights flickering. I get heart-shaped rocks. Maybe from old friends, maybe from my grandmothers, maybe from dearly departed animals who miss me as much as I miss them.

I don’t know, exactly.

All I can say is thank you, and keep them coming. I’ll keep my mind and heart wide open, ready to receive.


Take heart.


Photos by Emily Murdoch

14 Responses

  1. Mm. I like that.

  2. Really cool! And I agree- I think they’re definitely messages to you. I figure when things come to me more than three times it’s a sign of some sort.

  3. Thank you, Domino.

    Imagine a curtsey, here. : )


  4. I think so too, Tasha.

    They’re fun to come across, too. : )


  5. very nice…universe is sending you some solid love…I have an old friend who had a garden bed filled with love rocks from all around…its lovely! Love Rocks! 🙂

  6. Very Lovely! : )

    It’s like the universe reminding people to take heart.

    Happy Holidays to you and to all! Hope you’re having fun and keeping warm.


  7. I love it! Never seen a heart-shaped rock in my life – I think they would be really fun to find.

  8. Hey Dube! : )

    You know what’s funny? I’ve been consciously trying to see if I *could* just find some heart-shaped rocks by looking around, and I haven’t found any since that post.

    It *is* fun. And cool enough to leave you wondering, hmmmm.


  9. thank you for your take on heart shaped rocks,after my son pasted away i have been finding heart shaped rocks ,it is always on my really bad days when i feel like i can not go on ,there it will be a beautiful heart shaped rock just for me!

  10. Thank you so much for your beautiful comment. How wonderful, to see signs from your son telling you, in my interpretation, that he loves you and is just fine!

    I am so sorry you lost your son. No mother should lose a child. I can’t even imagine it, and my heart breaks for you.

    I see heart-shaped rocks on my worst days, also. I don’t think it’s a coincidence!


  11. Oh my !…Your story about finding the heart shaped stones….well it’s my story too…. I could have told almost the same story !….I feel the same as you finding them….and who sends them.
    They show up almost daily for me.
    I found your page just now looking to see….well if there were perhaps someone out there who could relate….this morning I found a heart shaped rock down at the river and two feet away a rosary….yes a religious rosary…Uhhh…?? then two more heart stones.
    My heart and mind are open…..I feel so blessed to be receiving these awesome gifts.
    Oh where I found the hearts……at the river in Bright Angel Park.


  12. Wow Bonnie, that’s amazing!

    I also like thinking that others finding heart-shaped rocks then makes us think of the heart-shaped rocks we’ve found, as another way for loved ones to send love into our day.

    Loved your comment! : )


  13. The very same thing happens to me. No matter where Im at I will casually look down and there it is! I have come to expect it. At the Oregon coast I will just say to myself “ok, where are you” within 5 minutes I find a heart shaped rock. I have them from all over the country.

  14. I just stumbled across two more rocks, today. Funny I didn’t know I had pending comments here, and your reply was one of them. ❤

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