This Little Piggy Stayed Home.

Piglet, an eight-year old Cairn terrier mix. 

it’s the best present I could take.

how do you get me to throw

tennis balls

for hours on end?


your eyes may as well be

convincing sentences —

I love you good enough

says your delighted, entitled bark.

I love you more than good enough.




(the end)  

Poem and photos by Emily Murdoch.

7 Responses

  1. Cute!

    Even though I’ve only had my puppy for five days now, he looks at me as though I’m the greatest thing in the world. 😛 It makes me think of that bumper sticker: “Lord, Help me be the person my dog thinks I am!”

  2. Dara —

    I love that bumper sticker! : )

    Your new puppy is *adorable*. I smiled when I saw the pictures on your blog, knowing how much love you’re going to be drowning in!

    Anyone who owns a dog can never say they weren’t greatly loved.


  3. I am so envious of you two- being able to have dogs. (sniffles)

    *love the bumper sticker* So true!

  4. Hey Em,

    I was just visiting Dara’s site. In case you haven’t heard yet, here’s a poetry contest for ya.

  5. AWww, this made me go and hug my dog Lucy!! 🙂

  6. Thanks Tasha! You are my link woman! : )

    I don’t know — I’m told my poetry is quirky, too. : P

    But keep the links coming! I’ll go check it out and see.

    Happy Holidays! Only, it’s sad that we have to go without you for nine days. Nine days! I’m already in withdrawal!

    Em : )

  7. Awwww, give Lucy a big hug from me, too. : )

    I hope your holidays are wonderful so far, Steph! Pizza and Christmas Tree Lights. A white Christmas!

    We make homemade english muffin pizzas on New Year’s Eve each year. I’m looking forward to it.

    I still do envy you your snow, and I’m looking forward to those snow pictures, too!

    Em : )

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