God was here!


this is not a destination,

but a journey.

this is not about perfection,

but improvement.

this is not a creative act

but one million creative acts

put together just so,

the picture painted.

this is not a way of thinking

but of seeing.

this is not a random act,

but art in waiting.


Beauty is the night.


(Poem and photos by Emily Murdoch)

14 Responses

  1. nice,I write poems too ; there is nothing better one can do….

  2. beautiful. amazing photo. and the words are very true.
    looking at this this moment hits me back and i am very thankful for that. just those moments when creation hits so strong and from the chest the all body fiiled with energy.
    this have also inspired me to write this one, you can find it here –

  3. Thank you, Lidia. : )

    Very interesting life you have! I enjoyed the About Me page on your blog, and your poetry, too.

    I’m glad you stopped by, and thanks so much for your comment!

    Em : )

  4. Wonderful poem, wonderful blog you have, Utopian. Wonderful view of life.

    Thank you so much for stopping by, and especially for your comment!

    I plan later tonight to go back again to your and Lidia’s blogs.

    It’s nice to meet you both. : )


  5. thank you for the beautiful words you left in my little space (and in here), that is very kind of you. you are always welcome for cup of coffee, tea or juice 🙂 and for a look around.

  6. What a gorgeous sky!

  7. Thank you, Dhyan, and ditto to you.

    I try to keep a peaceful place for thinking and growing and following your dreams, here on this blog.


  8. Thanks Steph!

    I have to agree. That was a stand out sky, amongst stand out skies.

    I love that pinkish-orange color. I want walls that color, one day. : )


  9. Beautiful, Em. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Thank you, Uppington. : )


  11. very nice pix & poem

  12. Thank you, Okie. You are very kind. : )

    Thank you for dropping by, and for your comment!

    It’s nice to meet you.


  13. Em,

    Simply beautiful as always. 🙂

  14. An extra-special curtsey for you here, Tasha.

    : )


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