Go Home, Again.

The Winter Monsoon hearts Rainbows.


Go back to the words.

When trusty mountains shake

and lucky stars shudder,

when the compass denounces North

and the Sun forgets to rise,

go back to the Source;

put that crazy-brilliant antenna up

and see what you can catch.

Invite unbridled greatness

to swallow you whole

and spit you out, inspired.

Go back to the child

who dreamt in roy g biv,

who flew with the fairies,

whose dreams came bright and easy,

who can’t wait to see you, again.


And this is the *desert*.


(Poem and photos by Emily Murdoch)

8 Responses

  1. Really, really poignant and lovely 🙂 Sometimes following a related post or a link brings a treasure at rainbow’s end.

    Peace and Blessings!

  2. I love it! An excellent poem!!

  3. Thank you, Darvish. You are very kind. : )

    Peace and blessings to you, too, and I look forward to checking out your own blog.

    I’m happy to have been a little serendipity in your day. : )


  4. Thanks Steph!

    : ) You’re such a sweetie.


  5. beautiful photos. and amazing poem. i like the end-situation you described and the returning-to-child solution you bring.

  6. Go back to the words.

    When query mountains shake


    Beautiful poem- and I love the beginning lines.

    So true. We must always remember our love for writing began with words.

  7. Thank you, Utopian. And to think they say we can never go home, again. : )


  8. Thank you, Tasha.

    I agree with you — it’s all about the words, creating, art, the joy inherent. I think if I ever did forget that, my writing days would be sadly numbered.


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