A Spring In The Desert’s Step.

I think of my photographs as paintings, really. Place your pointer over the photographs to read their names (although, some are just captions). 

Like the fuzzy seeds of the dandelion parachuting off into the world, here’s sending you wishes of an early Spring.


Who's that writer?



Candy Flowers Beneath An Ocean Sky.


Wedding Bougainvillea clipping.


Vivaldi's Garden.


The Writer's Blind Spot.


Taking Flight.


Photos by Emily Murdoch.

11 Responses

  1. Em,

    They’re so beautiful as always. I love the, “who’s that writer” 🙂

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  3. You are always a source of inspiration – it’s been so cold here the last few days that people’s water lines have frozen! So thanks for helping me continue to believe in spring.

  4. Thank you, Uppington. : )

    I saw the flowers popping up everywhere, and thought of all my blogging friends in all your crispy-freezy locations. : )

    Just seeing the flowers makes me happy. I’m happy to pass that on.

    I can’t wait until the cacti bloom. Wait ’till you see that!That’s usually right before/around Mother’s Day.


  5. Tasha — lol!

    I just wanted to tease you a little, and make you laugh.

    I’ll get a real author’s photo one of these days. Natural, definitely, not all photoshopped. : )


  6. Flowers!! Good lord, thanks for reminding me. I’m still looking at snow here…

  7. Gorgeous!

  8. Emily,

    You have won the Proximidade award. 🙂

  9. There’s our Steph, popping her head up through the snow like the crocus!

    And hey — we’re still waiting for snow pictures. Pretty please?

    It’s 94 degrees, here (yup, that’s not a typo — 94!) and we could use some snow!

    : )

    Em — sending thoughts of snow-saucers and blankets!

  10. Another curtsey here, for you, Venus. : )

    Thank you.

    And, congratulations on winning the Proximadade Award! You are a wonderful writer and thinker, and off to a great start!


  11. Tasha, Hooray! I’m honored to receive it from you, a writer I admire.

    Happy dance, happy dance, happy dance!

    Very cool. : ) This made my week.


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