Oleander Sunset 

Knock knock (on the stars).

Who’s there? Some form of God —

The wise old man who paces the sky as his floor.

The merciful mother who etches her face into tortillas

and cries down the cheeks of statues for her true believers —


How can you tell it’s real?

How can you say it’s not?

When the moon foreshadows the weeping days

and the sun breaks all night long.

Because the heart quickens when it sees it,

the face of its beloved flickering with hope.

Because where else does love come from, my dearies,

before its sprinkled upon the earth?


Calm in the Storm


Poem and photos by Emily Murdoch.


12 Responses

  1. this is beautiful! and I enjoy the two-communication-levels (words and pictures) particularly on this topic. The one photo suggesting earth in the trees; the other (as if) reply (sky)… I so enjoy your way (ok, I don’t visit as often as would like but it stands out even in 1-3 visits) of saying things v. simply and yet freshly and resonant – like a great bell ringing…

  2. very nice poem and pictures

  3. Interesting thoughts to be sure. The duality of all.

  4. Thank you, Jenny; your comment made my heart sing, just like poetry does. : )

    I love *your* way of putting things — and I can’t believe you got the symbolism, Ground/plant (us) vs. Sky/ (God/Universe/insert name here). That’s why I chose those photos to fit the poem theme. The first is of an Oleander, which I love the life (growing) death (poisonous) dichotomy of, too, while it blooms with the most beautiful deep pink flowers.

    That second photo, that’s Boo Boo’s mountain … (if only she could have been there when I took the photo, how amazing that would’ve been, esp. with such a good zoom lens).

    But, I see the sky, esp. crazy-beautiful and wondrous like in that photo, and think only (insert name here) could cause something that wonderful.

  5. Thank you, severnyproductions! Welcome! : )

  6. Hey, Ralfast. : )

    “Everything contains its opposite”. It’s so true, isn’t it?

    The hardest duality for me is life and death. I do great with life, but death, not so much. That’s a whole ‘nother can of worms.

  7. (((Em)))

    So happy to see you blogging again. And in all honesty, I think this is the best poem you’ve written yet.

    *Love it*.

  8. Wow, Em. Poem and photo are very beautiful and thought-provoking!

  9. Thanks, Steph. : ) It’s nice to see you here!

  10. Awwww, big blush and big thanks, Tasha — that means you’d give it a 100%, not 99.8? (Winks : )

    Yup, looks like my summer hiatus is over … time to get back into the swing of it.

  11. Lefty, now I’m reading Joseph Campbell-The Hero With a Thousand Faces and your poem fits perfectly with his idea of duality.

  12. Love philosophy/thinking on duality. I’ll have to check out Joseph Campbell’s book!

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