The Muse’s Fire

Sunrise in the Sonoran desert.


The simple facts are naked and pink;

a reviving number of sun-lit breaths,

a second helping of morning,

golden opportunities to make time fly  

or scratch the dog’s back in lazy circles.



Coffee rising. A non-option, really,

those stale afternoons littered with yesterday’s prayers

that smell like old rain and stomp the stairs

going nowhere fast. Waiting for the churlish skies

scrubbed childlike and new, waiting for the newborn worlds

to cry a fateful tune. No need to fret —

the Universal antennae adjusts itself,

the frequency frequent enough,

the bright, cellophane words busting out

of pinata souls written in half.



Rushing Saturday off to endless destinations,

coated in foreign scents chasing dog-eared adventures

while trees typed on windowpanes that weren’t your own,

voyeuristic roots exploring uncharted, fecund soils,

time unbridled and galloping off as time is wont to do,

shadows growing older in the solitude,

crock pot seething on the counter, forgotten,

dogs fogging up the windowglass to see what you’ve begotten

while the evening grows colder as you grow braver,

tossing extra logs upon the Muse’s fire.

Sonoran sunset over the mountains.


Poem and photos by Emily Murdoch.

8 Responses

  1. Another gem, Em. And as always, the photos are gorgeous. My fave lines of the poem are the last two. 🙂

  2. […] I am, as far as my writing is concerned. I control the vertical and the horizontal. Within the pages of my book I rule all. Creation and destruction. […]

  3. Thanks, Steph!

    I’m so glad people are enjoying my poetry. : )

  4. Thank you so very much, Ralfast, for the link-age. Very kind of you, very cool of you, and my poems are being read like crazy!

    Thank you. : ) I’m glad you like the poEms. More to come, too, as I seem to have entered the poetry zone!

  5. The Muse of Poetry has struck you indeed. Breathtaking. You are a poet.

    I haven’t written any poems since I finished PORTRAITS. Maybe I should channel Beth. 😉

  6. Thank you, Tasha. : )

    Made me giggle, about channeling Beth. I’d say YES. Your poems, errr, “Beth’s” poems are AWESOME.

    : )

  7. Beautiful poetry and photos! I love the way they capture the Arizona landscape — and the dogs. 🙂

  8. Thank you, Kelly.

    I smiled to see you here!

    Glad you enjoyed yourself. : )

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