Paint The Sky.

God is a painter.


Marshmallow Skies


Sky like a kaleidoscope.


Peaceful Afternoon


Here and There


Peaceful in Pink


In the Pink


The Evening Show


Day is Done.


O beautiful, for spacious skies ...


An Early Moon.


Peek-a-boo Moon


Sunset Tangle


Photos by Emily Murdoch.

8 Responses

  1. Beautiful! These really make me wish I lived somewhere more picturesque.

  2. Thank you, Jenni, and thanks for stopping by! : )

    True, it IS pretty picturesque around here … but it’s also how you look at what’s around you.


  3. Gorgeous. Gorgeous.

    I am envious of the nature you have around you. But you are right. There is beauty everywhere. Just have to keep your eyes open.

    On the other hand…Berlin has NEVER had any sunrises or sunsets like that!

  4. Never been to the desert. Savanna yes, but not outright desert. Beautiful pictures.

  5. Thanks, Tasha. : )

    I think one day we need to visit each other — I’ll come there, and then you come here.

    Like Country Mouse and City Mouse showing each other the sights. : )

  6. Thank you, Ralfast!

    I’m actually, originally an East Coast girl, so I still look around in wonder at this beautiful, haunting terrain.

    I was just outside flaking the horses for the night, heard rustling, and turned my flashlight onto *five!* pairs of eyes watching me from the brush — a pack of coyotes passing through. Freaky, because all you can see is the light reflecting off of red eyes staring straight back at you.

    Still trying to photograph one, but they’re extremely hard to capture.

  7. Em,

    I’ve often thought how wonderful that would be! We definitely need to make it happen one day! 🙂

  8. Tasha — it’s a deal! : )

    And then, we should hop-skip-jump to Amsterdam and the Anne Frank House, together.

    Wow wow wow! : )

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