Creative Courage.

The thing about publishing is that it’s like a reallllly long ladder with neverending rungs. Just when one rung is reached, the next comes into view, then the next. Just like a poem or a novel, it seems we’re never finished.

Sometimes the writer’s journey hurts so much it aches — a physical sensation I’d liken to a punch in the gut, and which, from time to time, can extract a low groan which causes dogs’ heads to turn and husbands to pause the television to inquire.

Some days there is over-confidence, not necessarily because a writer thinks they’re oh-so-great, but as a stop-gap measure against the waves of doubt that threaten to drown the hope, occurring mostly on the days we feel especially discouraged, stressed or unsure.

Other days we can lose all confidence because it’s easier to give up for a day (or month or week) than to continue to remain confident (takes much more energy) and withstand the aching assault on our writing hopes and dreams.

That’s where creative courage comes in.

It takes courage to create art, and not only to create it, but to risk the criticism and exposure that accompany the act of putting our work (our heart) out there.

Courage will falter from time to time. That’s normal. Those are the times it behooves us to follow our dreams back to their roots, to the childlike magic that precedes our words, brushstrokes, camera flashes, musical notes, pirouettes …

At it’s heart-shaped core, the act of art is an act of bravejoy. If an artist can reconnect to the joy, the doubt subsides and the hope and fortitude return.   

Writing is tough, getting agented is tough, going out on sub is tough — creative courage is tough, but if you’re creating art, if you’re putting yourself out there, if you’re picking yourself back up after a rejectional fall, please consider this post a candle in the window, pages and pages of belief in you, a full-out sentence parade with a marching band, flashy floats and paragraphs and paragraphs of confetti in your honor.

More and more, I admire the artists of the world. I believe artists change the world, both within and without. 

So thank you, artists who come before us, for your creative courage. Thank you for lighting our candles with yours. We hope and dream and leave the belief-light on in the jules (and jewels) of your example.

Tomorow is a new day of words.

Tomorrow is art waiting to happen.


8 Responses

  1. Wow. Thank You, for reminding me. Excellent post.

  2. Thanks, Laney.

    : )


  3. I am SO saving this post. I relate to every word and I love that you end on such a wonderfully positive note too. Beautiful :).

  4. You (and Laney) have made my week! Thank you, Anna.

    I’m glad to have something to do with reminding us (me too!) to keep our chins up. The whole process is tough.

    Thanks so much (both of you) for stopping by and commenting! : ) I look forward to checking out your blogs, too.


  5. This is an excellent description of the condition, as well as a beautiful bit of encouragement.

    Thank you.

  6. It is hard, and it definitely takes courage. I love how you acknowledged the challenging reality and yet managed to be encouraging and uplifting. Thanks so much for your post! 🙂

  7. You are so welcome, Hillary. : )

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Smiled to see you, here.


  8. Thank you, Shari, for stopping by and commenting. : )

    I’m happy to share both the self-talk *and* the encouragement. Yes, it is hard.


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