Dare To Suck. That’s right, Writers.

It’s Friday, I’m happily pounding the keys as I work on revisions (very exciting!) and a light beer is beckoning, not to mention ranch chores, so let me make this short and sweet.

Dare to suck. Doooo it.

Daring to suck means you’re thinking, writing, practicing, evolving. There’re no edits, no rewrites, no revisions, no polishing — no words — if you don’t first dare to suck.

And you just might find, as you read your words back, that they’re not so bad, after all.

Good writing, everyone.

6 Responses

  1. as always, a good point, Em. i think what stops a lot of people from writing in the first place is the fear that they’ll suck at it. so what? we all have to learn, and you can’t learn without doing.

  2. Hi Lex! : )

    So true, what you wrote. Most art (or anything requiring honed skills) doesn’t come out perfect the first time around. There’s always (usually) an apprenticeship period where we learn through *doing*.

    And, in writing, there aren’t many (any?) writers, even long-established writers, whose first draft is the only draft. Novels evolve on the page, they don’t just arrive.


  3. Yes, absolutely! I kick myself when I think of all the years I wasted not writing because I was so paralyzed by perfectionism.

  4. Hey Em! I ‘m so glad to reconnect with you:) You know, it’s important that writers. . . well, artists of any kind are willing to take chances. Even if that means their first attempts are royally sucky LOL. Shoot me an email sometime to let me know what’s going on with you!!

  5. Hi Ariel!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and for commenting. : )

    Definitely — the perfectionism is a tricky beast. On the one hand, we need it to perfect and polish our ms’s in a very competitive business. On the other hand, artistically, it can throw a wrench in the works that hurts or even halts our creativity.

    I know for me, the balance between such opposites is its own WIP. : )

    Again, thanks for stopping by, and for your comment. I look forward to stopping by your blog, too, and seeing what you’re up to!


  6. Hey Linds!

    Thanks for the visit and comment. Things have been crazy busy here, but you’ve been on my mind — both your own journey, and to catch you up on mine. I’m not there yet with the HUGE news, but getting close. (And I’m dying to ask you about that old full out with you-know-who. I’ll leave it at that, winks. )

    I’ll definitely shoot you an email. Look forward to catching up with you! And I really do love your blog. Your posts are awesome, along with your writing. And it just looks beautiful, too. : )


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