Fairy Dust or Hard Work?

Ernest Hemingway's desk in his house in Key West.

So the writer can only do his or her part to the best of his ability and place himself in the best position for the next steps. There are ways to get noticed, but still no guarantees.

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I’m of the camp that believes a writer can make their own luck through hard, hard work. In a sense, the first part of an author’s career is an apprenticeship to Writing. To experiment, practice, (and above all), write. Again, dare to suck. The only way to write amazing, get-noticed material is through writing dull stuff, wrong stuff, first drafts, embarassing ideas, the grocery list, if necessary, as long as you keep the pen (or keyboard) moving.

When we write, we train our brains to write. To think. To create. It’s no different than anything else we do, from drawing, knitting, riding, *fill in the blank*. We don’t draw perfect people, knit perfect sweaters, gallop and sidestep right out of the gate. First, we learn. We practice, put in the hours. Study what those further ahead of us know. Be willing to fail. But, also be willing to get back up, get back to the page.

Neither magical thinking  nor daydreams of ones books on the shelves will make it happen over the long haul. The best tool a writer has is hard work — to keep writing — to persevere.

Every day is a new page.

4 Responses

  1. I absolutely love the phrase “dare to suck.” As soon as I’m done posting this comment, I’m going to put those words of wisdom on a sticky note and stick them to my computer. 🙂

  2. As the saying goes “nothing comes free”. The same is true with writing. As you said in your post – hard work. There’s no way around that one. 🙂

  3. I like the phrase, too. : )

    We should all stick up the phrase in our writing areas, and take a photo. I’d post them on my blog!

    Thanks, C.B., for visiting, and for your comment. Wishing you wonderful writing. : )


  4. So true, Sassy.

    No shortcuts, either. But, at least if it’s hard work, it’s work we love.

    Thanks so much for visiting, and for your comment. Wishing you wonderful writing, too! : )

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