What Do You Call Your “Writing Place”?

Falling down the rabbit hole: that period of time during which writers are swallowed up into the writing, the revisions, the first draft, the tenth draft, while the world outside the imagination switches places, and it’s *that* world which is fiction, and the fiction, the whole world.

I’m presently in revision mode on a new novel I hope to have on sub by the end of April. I’m hunkered down in the proverbial “revision cave”, although the image hasn’t ever quite fit, for me; I find the act of writing, and the writing itself, too uplifting and full of light and emotion and meaning, for the cave analogy to work.

I need a place conducive to mental fireflies, those little sparks of light flitting through the imagination and connecting the dots.

But, what to call it? After some thinking, and a favorite quote thrown in, (if you know me, you know I’m a quote-fiend), I’ve come up with this:

Walden Pond, near Henry David Thoreau’s cabin.

So, if you’re looking for me, you know where to find me. I’m Walden Pond-ing it, quite happily. : )

Waves from my woods, to yours!

2 Responses

  1. I hadn’t thought of giving mine a cool name. Hmmm … How ’bout “The Batcave”? Sure, it’s already taken, but I like it. For one thing, I wish I really had a cave to retreat to during ::: gacckkkk! ::: revisions. I could call myself Batchick. But alas, I’m not really superhero material, so I guess I’ll continue just calling it my computer room. Truthfully, it’s my everything room — writing, TV, eating, sleeping. I am totally immersed in my little TechWorld ;-}

  2. A room of your own, winks. It sounds lovely, Nikki!

    “Batcave” made me smile. : )

    I’m a tree-girl, myself, so I wish I really *did* have a wooded retreat. Someday!


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