I’ve never lived in a place more beautiful or with more photo opportunities than the Arizona Desert.

Here, I’ll post photos of life as I see it.












 The Wind







































© 2008 Emily Murdoch      All Rights Reserved.

9 Responses

  1. Very beautiful! I love that whimsical first one of you.

  2. Thanks, Steph. With that first one, I was just fooling around in the driveway. I like that you can see the tire marks.

    Em : )

  3. Many landscape photographs don’t work. Yours do. Beautiful.

  4. : )

    Thank you, Harlan.

    I love taking photos, especially because (for me) it’s about searching for the beauty in the world. One can’t go wrong if they approach the world from that perspective.

    It’s so easy to go about our days seeing the sensationalistic and the negative — there’s so much ugliness and suffering in the world, it’s true. But there’s also so much beauty. In nature, we can find our peace.


  5. Em,
    those are so beautiful! Makes me want to jump on a plane and fly right to Arizona.

    Have you read, “The Wood Wife” by Terry Windling? It takes place there. Highly recommend it. 🙂

  6. Thank you, Gypsy! : )

    Even though I read on your blog/About me that you thrive in the heat, I don’t know about this heat! : )

    It’s unbearable outside right now, and those clouds that make for such pretty pictures also usher in the humidity. We’ve had 112 to 116 degree days more than not, making the last three months hard on all of us, from humans to dogs to horses.

    Still hot and sunny, but a cooler time to visit Southern Arizona, is the week that ends in Mother’s Day. The whole desert is abloom, then, from cactus to bushes to trees. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

    No, I haven’t read “The Wood Wife”. All I’ve read until a few months ago was my own manuscript over and over, lol. I’ll pick it up in my next book haul.


  7. The places we call home could not be any more different, but that’s part of my love for your photos. I really enjoyed looking at them, and reading your poetry. Thank you so much for sharing them.

  8. Thank you so much, Maureen, for visiting my blog and for your very kind comment. : )

    I just visited your site and it blew me away — WOW. You are a gifted photographer AND artist.

    I loved the sketches of the trees, and the trees with the kite, with my favorite being the dog. Another big WOW!

    Thank you for sharing your work and your blog with me. I plan to add you to my blogroll, and I hope others will go take a look at your amazing gift.


  9. Thanks, Em! Truly.
    I’m going to keep coming back to see what else you have posted here. I love it.

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